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But he didn't say he would.

I tried to go back to sleep but that seemed nearly impossible. I sighed as I put on sweatpants and a sports bra,today was cleaning day.

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I puffed out a breath of air as I lay flat on my back on my bed. I was finally done and man was I satisfied. I was scrolling through twitter when I noticed that a bunch of my subscribers were pointing out how 5sos followed me. I laughed because they thought I hadn't noticed.

I decided to tweet something back to stop all of the notifications I was getting about it. Rayisaunicorn: The wonderful sweethearts known as 5sos have followed my crusty ass, and I feel like a real unicorn.

by Sherman Alexie

My life is complete. I quickly tagged the official account and sent it. Many people were laughing at my tweet and retweeting it and shit. I smiled my subscribers were awesome.

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I didn't have 5 million of them but I had enough to make me happy. I'm sorry this chapter is so short. Anyway comment people, literally no one is commenting on the story!! Favorite this chapter if you liked it Baii my majestic unicorns! Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up. New Reading List.


Send to Friend. G:Oh yeah the Nova FM one right? Good Luck Clifford. M:lol thanks, I gtg That was it? Sports fans took to social media yesterday to vent over no Free to Air broadcast of the One Day International in Perth. Australia collapsed with South Africa winning by six wickets. It was the first time ever Australia has lost seven ODIs in a row. Foxtel will screen all cricket this summer.

One Day Internationals are on the anti-siphoning list prompting many fans to target the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield yesterday. So today is the day that most Australians will realise that Aussie ODI cricket matches won't be on free-to-air TV because Foxtel bought the rights to them. The summer of cricket is dead before it begins. Personally, I suspect there will be a well deserved shit-storm.

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AUSvSA where is the free to air coverage? So cricket is off the menu this summer. Goodbye aussie cricket hello any other sport. Cricket Australia ruined its reputation such as it was and then shafts the fans by selling out to Foxtel and cutting out the fans. I'm happy and feel obligated to shoot home that Australia's cricket collapse is because of the Foxtel exclusive tv rights. Suck it Cricket Australia. SenatorFifield thanks for being the worst communcations minister in living memory.

You want to privatise the ABC and you dont care about anti siphoning laws that protect sport on free to air tv. Why wont you keep the Cricket on fta? Saving their brand image and saving the general public from having to view a woeful cricket performance by Australia. But there were also those supportive of the coverage and streaming, if not necessarily the match performance:. I've seen it and I love it. Reality has been coming for years, if you want to watch top level international sport you have to pay for it, simple.

Wait until one of the streaming only platforms takes it, like the major European soccer leagues such as EPL and Champions League.. One account for Fox whatever, Optus Sport, Netflix, this flix, that flix.. First, the cheating… now the privatisation and monetary exclusivity of corporate greed which further alienates the haves from the have nots. One would Have to be a Millionaire to fork out time and time again for all the current media resources.

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This has God awful ramifications for an already Americanised Australian Culture. As usual… The cricketing base is ignored. Who can afford sixty dollars a month just to watch Australia fail at cricket? I will watch Tests.

I am confused by the fact that no one knew ……… David wrote several articles just look at related at the top of the comments section! Not exciting enough to draw huge audiences, but capable of drawing enough eyeballs over a long-ish period to attract sufficient advertising dollars to make it a marginally viable product.

In this context, for the ODIs to fall through the free-to-air cracks and wind up as a subscription-only product is not surprising. However, for Cricket Australia it must be a foreboding proposition knowing that international matches involving your premier athletes is incapable of drawing enough interest to make those contests commercially profitable for a free-to-air network.

The Australian basketball scene confronted a similar conundrum some 15 years ago when pay-TV money gave it a lifeline. Whilst delivering much-needed steady income, the limited viewership that accompanies a pay-TV deal only serves to continue…. What do others think?? This is similar to 7plus where they blackout the afl matches and are replaced by border security international rpts. You can say most of these comments about motor sport too.

I think some people has short memories here. So this is nothing new.

Castle Avamir

Actually, it is new. The half-play blackouts have been in place until quite recently. Much later than the 90s.

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I remember. The removal of that restriction was the beginning of sport administrators realising that saturation coverage was more likely to increase crowds than decrease them.

Unicorn Summer Ch. 7 Unicorn Summer Ch. 7
Unicorn Summer Ch. 7 Unicorn Summer Ch. 7
Unicorn Summer Ch. 7 Unicorn Summer Ch. 7
Unicorn Summer Ch. 7 Unicorn Summer Ch. 7
Unicorn Summer Ch. 7 Unicorn Summer Ch. 7
Unicorn Summer Ch. 7 Unicorn Summer Ch. 7

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