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Add to My Wishlist. These flat backed jewels can be attached with glue to any fabric or craft project. Perfect for adding shiny interest to your creative work or renewing your wardrobe.

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Pack of Colour: Emerald. The scene of my disaster was much as I had left it. The baccarat-counters still strewed the table, with the empty glasses and the loaded ash-trays. A window had been opened to let the smoke out, and was letting in the fog instead. Raffles himself had merely discarded his dining-jacket for one of his innumerable blazers. Yet he arched his eyebrows as though I had dragged him from his bed. And from then on, of course, the game is afoot. The obvious comparison is with Sherlock Holmes, both products of the s. Raffles is probably better written — in the sense of written with more care — and perhaps more carefully plotted.

But he lacks that indefinable quality which makes Holmes a living being in the minds of millions of people with no connection at all with late Victorian London.

Was there a Victorian cigarette company of that name? Or is the cigarette fictional, too? If so, why invent one? Skip to content Free download.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Sullivans Jewel Bookeveryone. Sullivans Metallic Charcoal. Sullivans Metallic Christmas Red. Sullivans Metallic Azure Blue. Sullivans Metallic Spring Green. Sullivans Metallic Magenta. Sullivans Metallic Wine. Sullivans Metallic Gold. Sullivans Metallic Purple. Sullivans Metallic Dark Gold.

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Sullivans Metallic Jewel Jubilee. Sullivans Metallic Lilac. Sullivans Metallic Silver. Sullivans Metallic Platinum. Sullivans Metallic Teal Blue.

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Sullivans Metallic Ocean Surprise. Sullivans Metallic Pearl Gold.

The story of the Sullivan and O'Sullivan name.

Sullivans Metallic Pearl Red. Sullivans Metallic Pearl Green. Sullivans Metallic Pearl Black.

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Sullivans Jewel Sullivans Jewel
Sullivans Jewel Sullivans Jewel
Sullivans Jewel Sullivans Jewel
Sullivans Jewel Sullivans Jewel
Sullivans Jewel Sullivans Jewel

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