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And it worked. Bolstered by this, I figured out an entire narrative and began doing research to help fill in the holes needed to make the story fulfilling for a viewer. Drawing inspiration from some of my favourite found footage films and a fascination with creepy internet videos, I went for a raw shooting style to try emulate that feeling of watching something real.

Beyond some logistical planning for the more ghostly sequences, and editing as I went along to make sure the pace and story were on track, the biggest challenges were losing my camera knowledge to make the footage more amateur, and delivering lines in a less coherent yet more realistic way. Basically the antithesis of a typical film. Not one to usually consider myself an actor, my choice to step in front of — or primarily behind, I suppose — the camera became part of the thrill of the challenge for me.

I had to deliver as realistic a film by myself, starring myself, using techniques I had to pull off alone.

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The stakes felt low, and the rewards high. At the very least, I could look and tell myself I made something without compromise. Beyond the production, I cut the film, made the music, did the sound design — I could write a whole essay on that nightmare — created the poster, transcribed and timed the subtitles, QCed the film, and I am reaching out to any and everyone I can to share what has proven to be a much bigger endeavour than I expected 14 months ago when I decided to try a little experiment.

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I made a genuine passion film using all the skills I could, to try captivate and terrify the audience, and most importantly, not to bore them. Have you come to a conclusion about your own question yet, and, if so, what do you think your answer says about your grandmother? Eviction from Jaffa meant parting with one kind of life, it meant being degraded, humiliated, and turned into a refugee. By insisting on her ways on finding the best cups in which to drink tea my grandmother was resisting all these attempts at putting her down and breaking her will.

My grandmother was not a nationalist or a political person. She was an obdurate elitist trying to preserve a way of life. Defeat meant succumbing and my grandmother was not one to give in. If she could no longer be in Jaffa then she would at least try and preserve as much of her way of life as possible and will keep on looking for the best bone china cups in which to serve afternoon tea. The memoir is primarily meant as a personal account, yet your prefacing chronology is meticulously devoid of personal references.

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How did you decide on what went in the chronology when your book is largely about how the politics of the larger world and the drama of the personal world are inextricably intertwined? This I attempted to provide through the chronology in which I tried to present major events as objectively as possible.

My choice of what to include was determined both by the salient historical events and more specifically those mentioned in the book.

The Strangers in the House by Georges Simenon - PopMatters

To have included personal references in the chronology would have contradicted the spirit of the book which works entirely through the personal. How did this imperative play out in his dealings with you? I do not believe that my father was particularly calculating in his dealings with me. By living out his personal ethos he must have hoped that I would learn from his example. Ultimately I did. But not without suffering the exercise of his strong will over me which at times threatened to stifle me forever.

Ultimately, who do you think are the greatest enemies of and obstacles to Palestinan freedom? The Israelis, other Arabs, members of the Palestinian diaspora, the Palestinians themselves? In what ways do the shortcomings of all of these groups interact? By refusing to withdraw and end its occupation of Palestine, Israel undoubtedly presents the greatest physical obstacle to Palestinian freedom.

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But freedom will not be achieved only through the liberation of the land from the occupier. The Palestinians have not been blessed with good leaders. Despite the enormous resistance and resilience of Palestinian society, we are often at the mercy of the manipulation and self-interest of Israel, Arab leaders, and sometimes our own miscalculations. Why do you wait until late in the book p. Why is this?

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When I was growing up I never felt that my Christian identity was under threat. Nor did I feel in any way that I was a member of a religious minority. When my father used to point out that in addition to coming from a small family he was also disadvantaged in being Christian, I used to take issue with him. After all, ours was a national struggle that aimed at developing a modern secular state where there would be no manifestation of religious differences or discrimination.

It was only when I came to realize that we might not be successful in achieving this objective that I was able to understand his fears. The point was also driven home when I had to go alone through my difficult ordeal after he was murdered. The Israeli Palestinian struggle is not a religious struggle; it is national. The fact of my being Christian has never been a defining aspect of my personality.

Only at those times when law and order were on the wane and traditional sources of power on the ascendancy, did I feel at a disadvantage because of my religious affiliation.

Strangers in the House

In that never-finished tale, Schweik always comes out on top almost because of his ignorance, while you often suffered while trying to attain wisdom. Or do you think that in gaining wisdom you forfeited happiness? I think that I have remained to this day like the Good Soldier Schweik in my refusal to submit to politics while living all my life in a highly politicized situation. Like him this must be accredited to some extent to ignorance about politics. Whether or not this was willful I cannot decide. He was condemned by Arab nationalists and also drew fire when he became the defense attorney for those accused of assassinating King Abdullah of Jordan.

He was murdered in , not for his political beliefs but probably over a minor legal wrangle. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

Stranger in the House (1997)/ Stars: Michele Greene, Bruce Dinsmore, Steve Railsback

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Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?
Strangers in the House? Strangers in the House?

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