Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)

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Soon it grew into a huge tree, having members of every existing species living in its 7 root -realms.

Publication Order of Harmony Black Books

For the first several centuries of Avalon's existence, the creatures lived in harmony , guided by the religion of Avalon, the Society of the Whole, its followers known as Drumadians, named after a wood in The Lost Years of Merlin. The Society promotes harmony between all races, and the upkeep of the Great Tree, which sustains them all.

However, sometime after Elen died, Rhiannon, called Rhia, resigned as High Priestess and left, never to be seen again. Peace is shattered by the War of Storms, a war that included almost all of the races in Avalon and lasted for several centuries. The beginning of the war was heralded by the darkening of the stars in the constellation the Wizard's Staff.

Beware of Dragons (Or Not): 50 Of The Best Epic Fantasy Series

After the war ended, Merlin said that he would probably not return to Avalon, and that Avalon's problems must be solved by Avalonians. As a parting gift he, with the help of his friend Basilgarrad the dragon , flew up to the stars and rekindled the darkened constellation.

All was well until the Lady of the Lake again appeared, this time to make a prophecy about a year wherein all of Avalon's stars would go dark, and a child would be born who is destined to destroy Avalon. However, there was hope: the true heir of Merlin could save them all, if he was found. During the foretold Dark Year, the majority of creatures in Avalon forbade childbirth, killing all children born in spite of the moratorium.

Despite this, rumors persist of a child being born in the Flamelon stronghold in the root-realm Rahnawyn.

A drought appears in realms Olanabram, Brynchilla, and El Urien; humans become anthropocentric and arrogant; and the stars in the Wizard's Staff are again darkening, one by one. For this, he needs Merlin's staff, Ohnyalei, which has been for seventeen years in the keeping of Tamwyn's foster-brother, the eagleman Scree. Tamwyn is himself revealed to be Merlin's grandson; to be the Child of the Dark Prophecy; and to be the Heir.

It is later revealed that Kulwych is a servant of Rhita Gawr, an evil spirit warlord.

Harmony Black - Book Series In Order

You're never ever ever going to finish this series are you? To be serious for a moment, I'm getting the impression a lot of you are concerned for this book, which is fair because it's already been postponed six months--how much more waiting must I make you all endure? Good news is that I'm working on it eight hours a day, five days a week, e'ery week. It's just that the more I write this book, the longer it becomes.

I don't think Callie and Des want me to end their story! So I'd say I'm about two-thirds of the way through it, but I could be under-balling that estimate because re: long book. I'm still not giving Dark Harmony a release date since I'm infamous for blowing past them , but I thought that maybe I could lighten that blow by sharing the cover and description!

And a teaser? Did I hear For realsies, guys--gals--creatures of the deep, I don't want anyone to get scared that I'm going to shelve this one again or that it's all finished but I've cruelly decided to withhold it because muahahahaha, Imma evil author that delights in torturing you all! Onwards to the extra good stuff! There are worse things than death.

Things that lurk in the shadows and slip into your dreams.

Harmony Black

Things that have no business existing. Things that once slept … but have now awoken. For Callypso Lillis, the fae magic that now runs through her veins is equal parts curse and good fortune. For the very thing that bonds her to Desmond Flynn, the King of the Night, also makes her vulnerable to the Thief of Souls, a man who wants to break the world … and Callie along with it.

Des and Callie must figure out how to stop both men, and time is running out. Because there are forces at play working to tear the lovers apart once and for all … and unfortunately for them, death is no longer the worst thing to fear.

Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)
Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)
Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)
Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)
Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)
Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)
Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2) Harmony (Dark Creature Book 2)

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