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What platform support the Frost Walker Minecraft enchantment?

What does Frost Walker do in Minecraft? | Minecraft Commands

Woorm Active Member. Messages: In that picture there are still spots to fish, also there are multiple places to fish around the server and if you're that annoyed by it then you can make a pond on your island. The whole point of frostwalker is so you can walk around bodies of water, i dont see why it should have to be disabled. Woorm , Jul 7, Dislike x 1. The problem with the pond island in your private island is the optimization, cause the spawn potential is lower in private island than public island, frostwalker is annoying, it's true, but i don't know what is the best to do with this enchant.

ShadowFaite New Member.


Just go to another pond and fish or change hub. ShadowFaite , Jul 7, Fishermen shouldn't have to move fishing spots just because someone walked over their water to screw with them. Like x 3 Agree x 1. Joshua Well-Known Member. Messages: 40, Joshua , Jul 7, Like if you have a pool in your base at floor level you could run across it instead of having to swim or go around. Probably the biggest use for it though is moving animals around since they can follow you over the ice rather than having to wait for them to swim. Whether anyone does that often enough to warrant putting frost walker on anything is another question.

Personally I find it more annoying than anything its hard to get underwater at all!

FW's effect looks pretty cool the first few times you see it especially if you switch to third person and get a better view of everything but its kind of impractical in a lot of ways. Etho used it to create a block update to trigger a redstone circuit and open a door, one of the better non-traditional uses I've seen. I haven't actually gotten frost walker boots yet to try it, but you can walk over the new magma block in the nether without damage when wearing frost walker boots.

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I don't know if it made it into release, but in the snapshots you could actually ride your horse across water with frost walker II boots on. Recall that ice slipperiness increases transport speed.

Frostwalker's Secret 2500 Z-Token Package Bonus

Players use them to run and jump to get up to speeds way faster then normal. They are also used in those super-fast item and mob transport systems that use water flows and ice. They are waaaay faster and cheaper then a hopper line. Previously you needed to silk touch mine tons of ice and transport, now you can just freeze the floor under low light levels and as long as you don't light it to much near the ice not covered in water flows it'll stay frozen. You could also use it as just a cool floor but entity transport is a more practical use. Also if you want to laugh at mobs you can use it to freeze a huge lake, cover the lake in soul sand then watch the mobs move in incredible slow-mo.

The ice magnifies the soul sand slowing effect.

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  • You can also add cobwebs for even more ridiculousness. I would say other then novelty, easier construction of entity transport systems and being able to ride or run over lakes and oceans is the only practical uses. And don't try to jump into a lake or use splashdown pools with them either. It'll freeze and you'll crunch and die. Download and play my new Survival Map!


    That does seem a bit pricey for boots that just let you run on water--even though they're pretty cool. Good idea about using them for faster transport in darkness.

    10 Fun Things to do With Frostwalker in Minecraft 1.9!

    I could see making tunnels covered in water and keeping the surface frozen as a non-mine cart highway from one place to another. Can you use those boots to walk on lava like you do on water? I've never tried that. Not lava, the new Magma Blocks. Frost Walker would be much more useful if you could walk on lava, but sadly you can't they only protect you from Magma Blocks.

    It would also be great if they froze water while in a boat, considering how crazy fast boats on ice are now.

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