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After returning to Lubni, preparations are made to march and Lubni is abandoned to its fate.

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They eventually cross the Dnieper and go through the Pripet Marshes , and reach the region of revolt where they wreak revenge on the Cossacks. His son besieges the castle but the Prince's hussars eventually crush the rebels. Skrzetuski is dispatched to persuade some German infantry to the Prince Jeremi's side but they refuse. Krzywonos arrives with his forces, the battle starts with single hand-to-hand combat, and Krzywonos is eventually defeated. The King dies and a disputed succession takes place.

Bohun captures Helena at Bar and hides her with a witch, Horpyna, at Horpyna's house. Helena threatens to stab herself when Bohun speaks to her about marriage, having tried to do so when she was captured at Bar. Skrzetuski and his colleagues go out to crush marauding bands. Kazimierz Kazimir and his brother Karol Karl are disputing the election, and the former is elected King. A commission led by voivode Adam Kisiel Kisel is sent by the Commonwealth to negotiate with Chmielnicki, which Skrzetuski joins.

An armistice is concluded but Cossack attacks continue. Skrzetuski is told during his search that Helena was murdered in a monastery with some nuns.

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He ends up with Prince Korecki at Korets , where he lies ill. Just before reaching it, they are pursued by Tartar horsemen.

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At last, battle can take place between him and Chmielnicki. The Cossacks are defeated, but Chmielnicki convinces the Khan to keep fighting by appealing to his pride. The valiant Polish force continues to hold out against the Cossacks and Tartars. Huge assault towers are burnt to the ground by a sally led by Skrzetuski; in the action the Polish soldiers are nearly taken but are saved by the hussars.

Hunger sets in, and Longin decides to steal through the enemy's lines to tell the king of the army's flight.


However, he is discovered after stumbling into some Tartar horse-herders and is killed by Tartar arrows after a last stand. His naked body is hung from an assault machine, which the Poles storm to cut him down so he can be given a military funeral.

Returning home, the whole happy party stops for a picnic at Grabowa Grabovo castle, which has been burnt, and Skrzetuski and his loved one are happily cheered by the soldiers. The novel was initially translated by Jeremiah Curtin in Curtin was Sienkiewicz's "authorized" translator, meaning the publisher, Little, Brown and Co. Thus, another translation by Samuel A.

Binion who translated many other books by Sienkiewicz was published by R. Fenno and Co.

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By Fire and Sword was created with the desire to create metal that was heavy, catchy and provoked others to look inside at what we hold dear, what drives us, and what energies we put back into the world. Listen to By Fire and Sword now. To play this content, you'll need the Spotify app. Get Spotify Open Spotify. You look like someone who appreciates good music. Of course, this isn't nearly like how it was in medieval warfare, where, simply put, a peasant probably would never be able to become a Knight. With Fire and Sword tries to fix that by introducing many units but no promotion tree.

There many varieties of units, but there are generally only two types: normal and Veteran. Moreover, recruitment no longer comes from the villages, but from the Commanders. Commanders can be recruited in any city or fortress, BUT you can only obtain troops from commanders of a faction you belong to meaning you cannot obtain Muscovite soldiers from a Crimean town. These troops are cheap to hire it takes only for 3 Winged Hussars , but can only be hired in small numbers at once, and also is dependent on the types of commanders in the city.

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  7. Tavern Mercenaries do not promote and are expensive, but they are halfway between a regular national army equivalent i. They are generally reliable but stunningly unexceptional. In contrast, National Mercenaries are unique in that they have Four promotion stages Recruit, Experienced, Veteran and Elite , and you can choose their equipment. National Mercenaries can only be obtained at about 35 of each type at a time, and they start out with poor weapons, armor and equipment.

    However, for a fee, you can alter their equipment at a mercenary camp, which increases their cost but improves surivability. Once you have the money to sustain these guys, the National Mercenaries should be the bread and butter unit of your kingdom. There are national mercenaries for each kingdom, and each provides a selection of equipment that reflects their nation. Provided the right equipment, they can easily beat most national armies.

    With Fire and Sword

    There are no National Morale Modifiers: This i have always found strange, but while in Warbands Rhodok soldiers will lose morale when they are forced to fight fellow Rhodoks, a Swedish Reiter will have no qualms fighting fellow swedes and will lose no morale. This makes maintaining an army much easier. Weapons are more Limited: If you liked swinging your Claymore from on horse or using a Bardiche, unfortunately you will not be afforded the opportunity.

    Two-handed weapons can no longer be swung on horse, and all polearms are stabbing-only even the Sovnya, hte equivalent of the Hafted Blade. On the other hand, there are other minor changes. For one, Archers and Pistoleers can now use shields. The Shield actually gets in your way in first person mode when you're aiming, but Archers can now wear a shield while shooting a bow and arrow, giving them an added defense in close range.

    For another, Pikes have two Stabbing Styles, overhead and normal, thus allowing a pikeman to fight adequately without blockspam. Moreover, Muskets can be used as bludgeons, thus giving you the satisfaction of pistol-whipping poor peasant farmers. Throwing Weapons no longer exist either--well, they do, but there's only one useable in the game, Fatima's throwing knives that you can steal off her.

    Cavalry is still OP, but less so: Warbands players quickly learn that spamming Swadian Knights is the easiest way to win any battle, and, to an extent, With Fire and Sword is guilty of this.

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    7. However, there are two big game changers: better polearms and muskets. Due to the sheer power of a musket, be prepared to sometimes lose Winged Hussars to a half-dead brigand with a musket. Moreover, pikes and halberds provide both the power and reach necessary to defeat most lances, and you'll find that attacking caravans in horseback is a lot more difficult once you're facing a crowd of mercenaries swinging halberds.

      Where in Warbands he was forced to form a "wall" with hte flesh of his pikeman, the Wagon fort provides, as the name implies, an encirclement made of wagons that provides the infantry commander with a portable fortification. Cavalry, which will have to charge around the back through a single entrance, will have a much harder time than will be allowed them in Warband.

      Your national army or deserter enemies, too, once they realize they are being defeated, will also resort to wagon forts, rendering your glorious couched lance charge futile as you ride around being shot at by musketeers. WIth a good engineering skill, you are no longer limited to ladders or towers which have been removed : you have the option to sneak into a city and poision the water, slowly eroding the strength of the defenders, or to set an explosive to blow through the wall and avoid the problems associated with ladder assaults.

      You can convince outnumbered opponents to surrender or bribe guardsmen to open the gates for you, allowing you to once again circumvent the usual trouble of swarming up a ladder. Muskets are not enough: some early players will try to pile out vast armies of muskets in the hope that their sheer firepower will win out. It won't.

      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword
      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword
      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword
      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword
      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword
      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword
      Fire and Sword Fire and Sword

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