Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)

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Viper features a Robot Girl amid a group of robotic snakes—the gynoid appears to have snake-like features herself. The mermaids of Fathom have long prehensile tails that evoke this trope.

In Asteroid Annie and the Aliens , a yellow serpent alien with spindly arms and a bald humanoid head watches a saucer on the right side of the playfield. The hapless Occult Detective June Harper stumbles into a world of snake people in the second episode of Bellingham Terror. Snakes in the Darwin's Soldiers universe take this form. They have no hair, no breasts and only two arms. Tabletop Games. The yuan-ti mix human and snake features to a varying extent, ranging from almost entirely human with a few snakelike parts to being entirely snakelike.

Their ancestors, the Sarrukh, from the Forgotten Realms. And the lillend, a rare explicitly good-aligned example, who has wings along with the female human torso and arms. This trait has been lost in all subsequent editions; even Pathfinder hasn't reused it. Then there are the salamanders, who are a fiery version of this with reptilian arms and torsos on snake bodies. The jarkung in Dragon magazine 14 and Snake-like body, two arms and long tail with a knob on the end. In 3e and 4e, though, they are fully humanoid Snake People , having no tails, but definitely reptilian features, scaly skin and, of course, snakes for hair.

Ghost Light

In 5e, they've returned to the "human with snakes for hair" appearance. Although common lamia are described as tauric hybrids of woman and beast , with the artwork traditionally depicting them as a lioness, there is also a noble lamia, a tauric hybrid of man or woman and snake. Pathfinder : The lillend, marilith, naga and noble lamia — here renamed the lamia mariarch — all appear from their parent game.

A fan article from Kobold Quarterly 23 adds a weaker version of the lamia matriarch, known as the lamia commoner, as a playable race. The serpentfolk are one part an expy of Faerun's yuan-ti and one part a Shout-Out to the humanoid snakes of Conan the Barbarian and Kull. A playable race, the vishkanya, are arguably also yuan-ti expies, as they are Snake People who essentially resemble humans with scaled skin and snake eyes, as well as poisonous blood and saliva.

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They come from Vudra, Pathfinder 's as-yet mysterious India stand-in , like the vanara monkey-folk, and were based off of mythological female assassins from India. The nagaji, meanwhile, are far more dramatic hybrids of human and snake, though still bipedal and tail-free; they come from the Dragon Empires, where they were created by the nagas as a servitor race. Most medusas are physically like humans in everything expect their snake hair, but two particularly powerful versions — the euryale, an incredibly powerful medusa variant introduced in the 6th Bestiary , and the brazen medusa, the result of another medusa reproducing with a particularly powerful humanoid — have the bodies of snakes from the waist down.

Earthdawn also has its own Nagas, as seen in Creatures of Barsaive. The tropical jungle of Yallock had the Nagaraja, who were half human, half serpent. One of the races and a former playable faction in Legend of the Five Rings , the Naga are an ancient race of snake-folk. Despite their alien nature and the assumption of many characters early on that they were demons the Naga were dedicated to the destruction of The Foul their race's term for creatures of the Shadowlands and Lying Darkness.

Most frequently terms

In Werewolf: The Apocalypse , the Nagah weresnakes turn into this in their warforms. Unlike most examples, this is not meant to be sexualized; similar to other werecreatures in the game, their heads are fully snakelike, and their humanoid torsos have the same scale pattern as the rest of them. Changeling: The Dreaming : Merfolk from House Melusine have the lower halves of air-breathing sea creatures, which can include snakes. The fu hsi hsien are serpent shapeshifters with three forms: their human form, their snake form, and their supernatural form, which is half-human, half-snake.

The South American sachamama can fuse their legs together into a long serpentine tail, and can transform into a snake as long as they're in contact with their shed skin. Feng Shui has the Snake Men, just one of the many demons the Lotus like to summon, which are not to be confused with Ascended-style transformed snakes, which are descended from snakes which transformed themselves into humans.

Evil snake-men who worship an Eldritch Abomination. Warhammer 40, : The Sslyth are a race of four-armed alien mercenaries with snake-like bodies.

A Time of Demons Before the End Audiobook Part 1

Strong and tough, yet relatively slow-witted and easily manipulated, the Sslyth are generally found acting as bodyguards for Dark Eldar Archons. The most familiar form of the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim is that of a massive, multi-armed snake person with a pair of great bat-like wings.

The Melusai are a cross between an elf and a snake, the Bloodwrack Medusae also have snakes for hair and Morathi has all that and wings. In the furry sci-fi game Hc Svnt Dracones snake Vectors are playable, though they can only take the Lateral or "taur" Morphisms, in the latter case their two extra limbs are arms and they are colloquially known as "nagas". Vennominaga from the Yu-Gi-Oh! They range from the most pure-blooded, who just look like giant snakes, to the most diluted, who look like regular humans with maybe just some slight serpent-like trait such as slitted eyes and who might even live their whole lives unaware of their ancestry Zarkana features a number of "Mutant Ladies" who try to seduce the titular Zark.

Among them is Kundalini, a snake woman. He turned back into his original form some time later as a result of Mata Nui using his powers to restore the planet Spherus Magna into its original state and undo all mutations that befell the characters. Video Games. Lamia, the first boss in The Battle of Olympus. EverQuest 2 : The Nizari. There's also the Onaya and Ca'Na as aquatic variations. The males are more monstrous, the females more human-like with four arms. They show up again in most beachside zones of World of Warcraft. There are also venomlords, trolls who have overdosed on the mojo of their native snake Loa animal spirit and turn into a more realistic looking snake naga than the actual nagas who look more dragon-like than snake-like.

Battle for Azeroth also introduces the Sethrak; cobra-like people with legs and arms. Guild Wars has different breeds of Naga, some looking like straight up giant snakes with arms, others with cobra hoods. The Krait from Guild Wars 2. Chrono Trigger has the Naga-ette. You can find an item called "Naga-ette Bromide," which is in fact an erotic photo of said creature. The Final Fantasy series occasionally includes Lamia as an enemy type.


The upgraded version are often called Liliths. A great deal of these exist in Shin Megami Tensei — naga usually portrayed as male , lamia, gorgons Piratez , a total conversion mod for X-COM , features a more traditional half-human, half-snake race called lamias.

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  • Xetonian Trades III: The Reapers.
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  • Hit it a few more time and she slowly morphs into a half-snake hybrid, then a full-on snake. Also Nagas and Medusas from earlier games. The RPG Arx Fatalis features a friendly race of snake-women who served as librarians and advisers to the king. They were not all good though: the human princess was demanded to join them without giving her or her father, the king much say in the matter.

    Age of Mythology depicts Medusa this way, and gives them a bow as well. That sounds familliar Dungeon Crawl has Nagas as one of the many playable species. They are semi-humanoid with a snake tail instead of legs, are stealthy, can spit and resist poison and are good at poison magic. Poison resistance is very useful, but nagas are the slowest race in the game. And Dungeon Crawl is a game where running away is a vital survival skill. However, there is a deity who can turn slowness into substantial stat bonuses, and one of his worship powers deals a massive amount of damage to anything faster than the invoker.

    Snake People - TV Tropes

    Dark Souls : The first game has the snakemen in Sen's Fortress. Unlike most other examples listed here, though, these snakemen have humanoid bodies but with a snake head atop a long neck. The snakewomen have cobra hoods and four arms as well. It's not clear where they came from, but since a few of them also show up in the Duke's Archives, they're popularly believed to be a result of Seath's insane experiments. This ended up having the opposite effect and turned her into a naga.

    A headless naga who carries her own severed head around by the hair and uses it as both a sorcery catalyst and a sorcery grenade.

    Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1) Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)
    Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1) Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)
    Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1) Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)
    Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1) Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)
    Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1) Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)
    Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1) Demon and the Viper (Lamia Tales Book 1)

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