But God: Changes Everything

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The Word of God Changes Everything – What Does This Mean?

You can be forgiven of that sin right now. God promises you that. Some people live double lives. They think they have everything covered up, that no one knows. But God sees everything. He knows about everything we say and do. There are no secrets with God. Maybe you have a secret sin right now. God knows all about it. We want to blame our sins on someone else. But we have to take responsibility. God can forgive you.

Your sins can be forgiven and forgotten. Going back to that earlier question, can we really change?

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Not on our own, but Jesus can change us. We can call out to him, and he will give us new power to live a new life. Only God can forgive you and save you. You can be changed. You can put your sin behind you like the woman did, forgiven and forgotten. You can have a brand-new start with Jesus Christ. Want to change? Most of the time, our understanding is foggy at best!

Yet our understanding of grace is so important. Our understanding — or lack of understanding — of grace will determine the quality of our life on earth and, more importantly, will determine the destiny and the destination of our life after we die. God can and has done all those kinds of things.

Joy in God Changes Everything

What is it? How does it work? And how do you experience it?

Chip Ingram is the CEO and teaching pastor of Living on the Edge, an international teaching and discipleship ministry. A pastor for over thirty years, Chip has a unique ability to communicate truth and challenge people to live out their faith.

But God Changes Everything Herbert Cooper

Only one key fits it perfectly. That key is God's love for you. His love for you doesn't fit anyone else and his love for them doesn't fit you. God doesn't have a master key of love that fits everyone.

This Changes Everything

He has an individual, special love for every single person. What's more, because God created you, he knows exactly what you need. You may think you know yourself, but only he knows best. In heaven , we will learn that God always made the right decision for each of us based on love, no matter how painful or disappointing it seemed at the time. No other person can ever know you as God does.

That's why no other person can love you as he can. Love can see you through hard times , and that's what the Holy Spirit does. He lives in each believer.

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When we need supernatural assistance, he takes our prayers to God then provides us with guidance and strength. He is all those things and more, displaying God's power through us if we surrender to him. When trouble hits, you don't want a long-distance love. You may not be able to feel the Holy Spirit's presence within you, but your feelings are not reliable when it comes to God. You have to go by what the Bible tells to be true. God's love for you lasts through eternity, giving you endurance for your journey here on earth and complete fulfillment in heaven.

Human love is an incredible thing, the kind of gift that puts purpose in your life and happiness in your heart.

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But God: Changes Everything But God: Changes Everything
But God: Changes Everything But God: Changes Everything
But God: Changes Everything But God: Changes Everything
But God: Changes Everything But God: Changes Everything
But God: Changes Everything But God: Changes Everything

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